Exterior Painting

If you are considering having the exterior of your house painted this year you “may” have come to the right place. We say “may” because if you are collecting several estimates to find out which one is the cheapest, then we probably are not the contractor for you. However, if you are searching for the company that will do the absolute very best paint job possible on your home, then you have definitely come to the right place and now that we have established our BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD pricing levels you can decide which level best suits your budget.

The exterior of your house receives a tremendous amount of abuse due to extreme weather. Heavy rains, scorching sun and bitter cold temperatures will wreak havoc on a house that has not been painted and sealed up properly and it will never stand a chance at holding back the elements for an extended period of time.

Your house exterior needs to be made as “bullet proof” as possible and that is exactly where we come in. ” Bullet Proof ” house painting requires 3 basic things to be successful:

1. A highly skilled and competent painter

2. Enough time to properly complete all the required paint preparation & painting steps

3. The highest quality paint/stain and other materials available

All this stuff may seem obvious, but a low price job will fall short in one or even all 3 of these categories leaving you a very dissatisfied customer no matter what the low price contractor promises you up front.

If you decide to hire ABC to paint your house, you will get the best paint job possible.

The process all starts with an extremely thorough housewash where we use high quality soaps, brushing and pressure washing. Next we will caulk absolutely everything that should be caulked using premium caulk. This step is one of the main areas that “low price” contractors fall short. YProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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just cannot leave cracks anywhere on the house exterior that would allow water, bugs and rodents to get in. A house exterior needs to be 100% sealed up. Once this is done then all raw wood or metal surfaces are primed with premium primer…no cheap stuff. Finally, we top coat all siding, trim and doors using the highest quality paint/stain available and usually apply 2 coats of finish paint or stain although there can be exceptions to this in some cases.

Basically, it takes more time and money to provide the highest quality paint job possible and that is why our pricing is higher. Its hard to fully explain how good our paint jobs are in some text. Just keep in mind the old saying that it is better to do a job right the first time than to have to do it twice. In fact our price may be higher initially, but if you end up repainting your house twice in 10 years by a low price contractor or just once with us and it lasts 10 – 20 years, did we really cost anymore than the other company ?

Again, thankyou for your consideration and we look forward to giving you a painting experience unlike any you have ever had before.